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The time I made biscuits for a real life princess (and didn’t even know!).

princess mako of japan studies at university of edinburgh

Oh yes. I made biscuits for a real life princess – Princess Mako of Japan, and didn’t even know! If the name sounds familiar, it’ll be because Princess Mako of Japan has been in the headlines quite a bit lately. The Princess, grand daughter of Emperor Akihito and member of the Japanese royal household is engaged to be married to a commoner.

Japanese law states that if the princess choses to marry a commoner then she must leave the royal family behind and become a normal civilian. There is concern about the Japanese royal family’s bloodline as the Emperor has just 3 grandchildren, two of whom are princesses and will marry and leave the royal family – and just one grandson to continue the line.

Not many people know but Princess Mako spent time living in Scotland a few years back when she studied at the University of Edinburgh for a year. It was while she was studying there that we had the opportunity to make biscuits for her and her friends.

One of her friends was organising a leaving party for the Princess who was heading back to Japan after completing her studies. The friend contacted me and requested a custom order of our personalised floral biscuits.

nila holden vintage floral wedding cookies

These are probably the most detailed and complex biscuits I have in my personalised biscuits portfolio but if I do say so myself, they are pretty stunning and delicious tasting of course.

nila holden vintage floral biscuits for princess mako

Each biscuit has 3 separate layers of fondant icing – one layer of white fondant and the next layer a lovely pinky/peach colour fondant.

I then use a beautiful flower rubber stamp to decorate the fondant icing, which adds embossed detail. Rubber stamps are a great way to add detail fondant covered biscuits if, like me, you are not particularly good at free hand painting.

nila holden floral painted biscuits

Next, each flower is hand painted using edible paint or as in this design, edible dusts that I mix with a small amount of water to to get an edible paint.

painted cookies, edible paints, nila holden cookies

Lastly, each biscuit is personalised with a different name, again using rubber stamps, and then hand painted with a gold lustre dust. The finished effect is stunning – don’t you agree…?

nila holden biscuits for princess mako of japan

I originally designed the biscuits for my daughter’s birthday and the inspiration for the design was a beautiful vintage scarf that I found in a second hand shop in Whitstable. My daughter loved the scarf and so I used the pattern as the basis of the design for her cake and cookies that year.

I loved making the biscuits for Princess Mako’s party and working with all those beautiful and unusual Japanese names.

nila holden personalised biscuits

I’ve made these biscuits in lots of different colours for weddings & events over the years. Here they are in pastel green and purple.

Thankfully, I didn’t know that I was making biscuits for royalty when Princess Mako’s order was placed, otherwise I think I might have been a complete bag of nerves!

We’ve since gone on to make biscuits for the likes of Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and even our own Royalty the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, but this is still one of my favourite orders to date.

I wish Princess Mako all the very best and many happy, healthy days in her married life.

princess mako of japan nila holden biscuits

We have lots of decorative iced biscuits perfect for weddings, parties or birthdays. If you’re looking for an extra special finishing touch or a sweet treat to indulge your guests then biscuits are perfect! Visit the gift biscuit pages of our website for more info, prices and to place your order.

Nila x


Cookie Decorating Classes at Notonthehighstreet

It’s heartwarming to see just how excited sensible professional adults can get about cookie decorating!


Notonthehighstreet are huge fans of our cookies.  A couple of weeks ago we were invited into the Notonthehighstreet HQ in Richmond to deliver a cookie decorating class for their staff team. The company had faced a difficult few weeks and the decorating class was a fun and creative Friday afternoon treat for staff.

We gave a short talk on the do’s and don’ts of cookie decorating, and a few tips and ticks on decorating biscuits with royal icing and how to decorate biscuits with fondant.

It was a super fun day and the staff team really enjoyed getting hands on with tubes of brightly coloured icing, and sprinkles and sweeties galore for the perfect and delicious finishing touches.


To bring a bit of healthy competition to proceedings, we also ran a competition for the best decorated cookies.

 All in all, it was a fantastic day.  Even more fantastic was receiving such great feedback from NOTHS:

“I just wanted to send an email to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! The biscuit decorating was such a highlight of everyone’s day and everyone is having a lovely afternoon snack! I really appreciate all the effort you put into the class and we would love to do something again here at NOTHs..!”

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 22.37.59

If you’re need of a fun, morale boosting activity for your staff then cookie decorating is just the thing.  Do drop us a line if you’d like further details or would like to discuss a bespoke package for your corporate or team building event.

Nila x