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Logo biscuits to launch a new cruise ship

We’ve had a really busy October here at the bakery with lots of orders for corporate biscuits. We’ve baked, iced, wrapped & shipped just under 17,000 biscuits, our busiest month ever!

Our biggest order this month and our biggest order to date was for some branded biscuits for holiday company Thomson Tui, who are a fellow Luton based business.  The team at Tui were looking for a fun, yummy branded gift to give out to all employees as part of their celebrations around the launch of the new Marella Cruise liner.

Tui ordered just over 12,000 biscuits, each to be iced with the new Marella Cruise branding. The order was fairly last minute and we had around 10 working days from order sign off to get all the biscuits baked and packed and dispatched to Thompson Tui locations around the UK.

The team at Tui went for a simple but classic design for their logo biscuits, with a simple white icing, with the lovely new Marella Cruises branding.  Due to the commercially sensitive nature of the PR / product launch, we agreed to sign an NDA, which is common practice for projects of this nature. So naturally, all the work was carried out with the utmost secrecy and discretion.


We had lots of fun visiting the various Tui locations in / around Luton Airport. And after many long days and late nights baking and packing biscuits, I have to confess to feeling the need for some holiday sunshine and trip abroad somewhere sometime soon!  Visiting the Tui offices really put me in the holiday mood.

Tui marella cruises launch logo biscuits nila holden


We had some fantastic feedback from the Tui team “Just wanted to say thank you for the delivery today, the biscuits looked great and we’ve heard some really positive comments…”

And lots of love for the biscuits on social media too!



This is the single biggest order we’ve done to date and at times slightly overwhelming, but a fantastic opportunity to work with a fellow Luton business and also to have an opportunity to really scale up and see how the bakery could cope with such a large order to be turned around in such as short timescale. I am super proud of how the team pulled together to make this happen.

And in the busy run up to Christmas I’m looking forward to getting stuck into lots more corporate orders so if you’re on the hunt for corporate christmas gifts, or logo biscuits for your Christmas events, gifting etc then do drop us a line via our branded biscuits enquiry form. We’d love to hear from you!


Nila x

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Get Ready with Freddie Cousin Brown at Pandora HQ

freddy cousin brown bloggers freddy my love

I was so excited recently to visit Pandora HQ in Oxford Street for a Get Ready with Me event with blogger Freddie Cousin Brown. My daughter is a huge Freddie My Love fan and as soon as she heard about the event she begged me to get tickets as an early birthday present and well, I couldn’t refuse.

So on a Saturday evening in May we headed off to the flagship Pandora store on Oxford Street, and on arrival were greeted by a short queue of attendees all faithfully wearing shades of pale pink (Freddie’s favourite colour).

We were greeted by the lovely Pandora staff (all also wearing pink) and were given a gift box with a preloaded Pandora gift card in a gorgeous ribbon tied gift box, to exchange in the store (squeee!).


We headed upstairs where the hospitality from the Pandora team couldn’t have been more amazing, they had laid on lots of lovely touches – a cocktail bar, sweetie buffet, manicures, hair styling.

freddy my love event with pandora

delicious sweet buffet at the Pandora Oxford street blogger event

Freddie did a meet and greet. I have to say she is so lovely and super stunning in real life and I found myself coming over all fan girl too, much to my daughters dismay!

Later, Freddy did a really interesting and useful Q&A, outlining her top tips for getting ready in the morning, her favourite make up brands and how to stay stunning looking all day.

nila holden freddy cousin brown pandora oxford street

Freddy’s family – Mum, Dad & sister Coco were also at the event and it was lovely to meet them and chat about Freddy’s amazing success and rise to fame over the last couple of years.

get ready with freddy pandora coco tallulah

After a few hours of pampering, indulging and chatting, we headed down to the store where we exchanged our gift cards for more Pandora goodies. I couldn’t immediately see anything I wanted to buy. As a baker, I tend not to wear too much jewellery, but my daughter was more than happy to make use of my gift card.

pandora oxford street

Back at the Nila Holden bakery, I was inspired to make some pretty logo biscuits with the gorgeous Pandora branding – including of course some pretty pink themed biscuits!

nila holden logo biscuits for pandora

nila holden corporate cookies for pandora

My daughter asked me to make some biscuits for Freddy and her younger sister Coco which we gave to them at the event. Some pink (of course!) loveheart biscuits for Freddy and unicorn and rainbow biscuits for Coco.

nila holden pink loveheart biscuits for freddy my love

All in all, we had an amazing time at the event – huge thanks to Freddy and the Pandora team..!

If you work in PR or marketing for a brand – large or small – and are looking for some extra special yummy treats for your next marketing campaign, product launch or PR event then we can help.

You can contact us direct via our corporate biscuit enquiry form or head over to the corporate cookie pages of our website for more info and inspiration. We’d love to hear from you so get in touch today 🙂

Nila x

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Biscuits for SEAT Cars Track Back Campaign

SEAT branded biscuits nila holden

We loved making biscuits for SEAT cars  recently.  The Sales Development Team at SEAT contacted us to see if we could help with biscuits for an upcoming campaign they were launching with their dealerships.

The team were launching Track Back a campaign focusing on ensuring efficient Lead Generation and Management and improving response times within their dealerships, and were looking to for us to make logo biscuits and to ship them to 120 of their dealerships across the country.

It was clear from the outset that some logo / branded biscuits featuring the SEAT & Track Back logo’s would work well. But the sales development team wanted to come up with something a bit more exciting and memorable to tie in with the key messages from the campaign.

We did some work to look at what kinds of phrases and text from the campaign would fit well on the biscuit size & shape we had in mind. In the end we decided on a set of 10 biscuits in a gift box for each dealership, a mix of square and round biscuits with logos and some with words stamped in them. All presented in a lovely gift box.

nila holden track back lead generation biscuits

And then some with the Track Back branding for staff back at the SEAT HQ.  The SEAT / Track Back branding was a dream to work with and the final biscuits looked great – I hope you’ll agree!

SEAT logo biscuits for track back nila holden

After baking and decorating the biscuits, we had a busy morning in the bakery packing up all 120 parcels, each with a gift box and including a letter from the SEAT team explaining to the dealerships that the Track Back Campaign had launched and what was enclosed in the packet.

FullSizeRender copy 13

We had some great feedback from the team at SEAT  “Hello Nila, I just want to say a massive thank you for the beautiful biscuits. We are over the moon with them and they have gone down a treat…!”

SEAT corporate biscuits nila holden

We have since signed up to be a preferred supplier to the Seat / Volkswagen group and look forward to making many more biscuits for projects and campaigns across the Audi, Skoda, VW & Seat brands.

Are you working on a new campaign and looking for a little something to make your campaign stand out or be more memorable? Logo biscuits could be the perfect thing! Why not send us an enquiry today to get more info & prices or head over to the corporate biscuit  pages of our website for more info and examples of past projects.

We’d love to hear from you!

Nila x


Bus biscuits for Here East’s new shuttle bus.

here east bus biscuits nila holden2

We were really excited to make some logo biscuits for Here East recently.  Here East covers 1.2 million square feet in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and brings together business, tech, media, education and data in the pursuit of innovation, surrounded by parks, canals, housing & leisure facilities.

Here East is home to established names and nimble startups alike. “Radicals, reformers, visionaries, industry heroes and like-minded locals – they’re all part of our East London heritage and its geography of innovation…”

We were commissioned by creative design agency We Design who in turn is working directly with Here East, to make some biscuits to launch a new shuttle bus route.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.07.02

There was some stunning branded artwork for the campaign which gave us a lot of beautiful content to work with. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 22.58.47

In discussions with Naomi, project manager from We Design, we discussed the xxxxx and came up with a simple but sleek design for the biscuit artwork. We felt a rectangular shaped biscuit would work well and would be lightly reminiscent of a bus shape.

We made up biscuits with 3 slightly different designs – always something to consider when thinking about branded biscuits. You’ll be keen to get maximum exposure & sharing on social media, and having posts, retweets etc with a few different images being shared is always really good and definitely something to aim for.

here east logo biscuits nila holden1

Here are the biscuits all wrapped up and ready to dispatch. Don’t they look great?

here east corporate biscuits nila holden1

here east bus biscuits nila holden1

We’ve had some really great feedback from Naomi at We Design:

“Hi Nila, I just wanted to say a really big thank you for the bus biscuits, the client was really happy with them and has messaged me this morning to let me know they are going down a storm on the Here East site…!  Thanks again, it has been great working with you on this project!

Are you working on a new campaign and looking for a little something to make your campaign stand out or be more memorable? Biscuits could be the perfect thing! Why not send us an enquiry today to get more info & prices or head over to the corporate biscuit pages of our website for more info and examples of past projects.

We’d love to hear from you!

Nila x

Word on Water floating bookshop, London


I had a lovely afternoon out walking along the Regents canal around Kings Cross & Camden a few weekends ago. It was a balmy Spring day, a gentle breeze and the sun shining. London is never more beautiful then when she’s bathed in glorious sunshine.

We took the train into St Pancras and from there headed to Granary Square which is behind Kings Cross station.

Granary Square Kings cross water fountains

Granary Square

From there we took a right turn down to the canal and wondered along to Word on Water, a gorgeous little floating book shop housed on a narrowboat.

Word on Water London's only floating bookshop

Word on Water Bookshop


Word on water floating bookshop

Word on Water London’s only floating bookshop

Step on board, and you duck down into a gorgeous & cosy looking reading nook crammed full of all sorts of books, fiction/non fiction, adult books and a cute little children’s book corner.

word on water bookshop london

Mind your head as you step on board

beautiful floating bookshop in london

Gorgeous books crammed into every corner

There are a lots of cosy chairs and sofas that you just kind of sink into, great if you want to have a little sit and browse alongside the wood burner.

It was a bright sunny day when we visited and there was something quite ethereal and magical to be down the steps in such a snug little room, with families of ducks and geese swimming by, the sunlight dancing on the water and throwing sparkly beams back into the room.



Loved this floating bijou emporium of the printed word, a real book lovers dream! Can’t wait to go back soon.


Word on Water run a number of events through the year, with live music, readings from published authors and lots more. Check out the Word on Water facebook page for news on upcoming events.

On returning to the bakery I was inspired to design some literary themed book biscuits,  including of course some Jane Austin & Charlotte Bronte. And Of Mice & Men – as one of the kids has been studying this at school so we’ve been reading a couple of pages here and there. How great are these and wouldn’t they make a great edible gift for a book lover? Or perfect gifts or goodie bag treats for a book launch?


As it happens, we’re currently working on a book themed Christmas gift project for a large national book retailer which I’m really excited about. Watch this space for more info in the coming weeks….

Being someone who owns an artisan bakery specialising in iced biscuits, one of my absolute favourite past times is visiting quirky little tea rooms & coffee shops. I’m surrounded by sugar, baking & biscuits everyday at work so you’d think that the last thing I’d want to do at the weekends is step back into it, but I guess it’s a life’s work and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it! From time to time I blog about my experiences, if you liked this post, you might be interested to read these:

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Nila x

Biscuits to launch Harrod’s Summer 2016 Sale

At the Nila Holden Bakery, we have a lot of expertise in creating 3D biscuits, based on our experience of making our unique 3D biscuit birdhouses and christmas gingerbread houses so we were super excited when Harrod’s commissioned us to make some 3D biscuits to launch their Summer 2016 Sale.

Together we came up with the idea of making some 3D replicas of their iconic green bag all made entirely of biscuit and completely edible. This coincided nicely with the installation of a giant Harrods Bag outside the store, and tied in with  one of the campaign hashtags #mygreenbag

nila holden harrods sale biscuits2

nila holden harrods sale biscuits3

Each bag was made up of 5 individual biscuits, beautifully iced and carefully constructed as you can see in the video below:

We also decided to fill the bags with some mini fashion treats including dress, shoe and lipstick biscuits.

nila holden harrods sale biscuits4

And here’s the finished result!


Don’t they look amazing? We were so pleased with the finished biscuits, they certainly provided the wow factor the sale launch and proved a real hit on social media alongside the smaller Harrods Bag & fashion biscuits we made!

nila holden harrods sale biscuits10


Click here to read all about the smaller Harrod’s Bag and Fashion biscuits we made as part of the commission.

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In the meantime if we can help with a bespoke commission or branded biscuits for your next charity campaign, corporate event, trade show or product launch do drop me a line via our corporate biscuit enquiry form.

Nila x

Biscuits for the launch of Harrods Summer Sale 2016

nila holden harrods sale biscuits6

There’s only one Harrods Sale or so the slogan goes.  So we were really excited when the iconic Knightsbridge store approached us to chat about a special biscuit commission for the launch of their 2016 Summer Sale

The Harrods Corporate Affairs team were looking to source some biscuits to giveaway as tasty gifts for the first 200 people through the doors on Sale Opening Day, and also something a bit special to send to key press & PR contacts in the lead up to the Sale.

nila holden harrods sale biscuits2

Together, we came up with the idea of making biscuit versions of the iconic Harrods Green Bags to coincide the installation of a giant Harrods Bag outside the store, and to tie in with the #mygreenbag hashtag.

nila holden harrods sale biscuits12

The team were also keen to come up with something really special to send to key press contacts and came up with the idea of a 3D version of the bag with some sleek haute couture inspired fashion biscuits. Click here to read more about the Biscuit 3D bags for Harrods.

One of Harrod’s key stipulations was that all the icing would need to be in natural colouring.  With such dark colours, mainly Harrod’s green, and the red & black for the fashion biscuits, this was challenging but we managed to overcome with this with help from our friends at Knightsbridge PME.

And here they are – Harrods green bags with Chanel inspired handbag biscuits, Louboutin inspired shoe biscuits and YSL inspired lipstick biscuits. And some dress biscuits!

nila holden harrods sale biscuits1

And here’s a close up!

nila holden harrods sale biscuits13

A huge thanks to the Corporate Affairs Team at Harrods for selecting us to work with them on this exciting commission.

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In the meantime if we can help with a bespoke commission or branded biscuits for your next charity campaign, corporate event, trade show or product launch do drop me a line via our  corporate biscuit enquiry form.

Nila x