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Top 5 Biscuit Gifts for Father’s Day

Fathers Day biscuits nila holden collage.jpg

This time next week it’ll be Father’s Day!  Eeek! Are you prepared? Do you have a special gift sorted for your lovely Dad? No? Well fear note, we have the perfect Father’s Day gift for you and there’s just enough time for you to order for the big day.

We’ve got a lovely range of biscuit gifts for your lovely Pops, delicious buttery iced shortbread, beautifully wrapped and delivered direct to you or your Dad.


For the first time Dad

happy 1st fathers day biscuits nila holden

For the first time Dad, the first Father’s Day is a truly special moment. After months of anticipation, pre natal appointments and scans, decorating the nursery and trying to settle on a name, your gorgeous bundle has finally arrived. And nothing could have prepared you for it. A good night’s sleep and any semblance of a normal life have gone out of the window. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. These biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to those late night feeds and a yummy sugary burst of energy just when you need it.


For the Boring Jumper Dad


nila holden fathers day jumper biscuits

For the Dad who loves his boring M&S jumpers how about these gorgeous jumper biscuits? Your Dad loves his comfy beige jumpers.  Over the years you’ve tried to get him to deviate from the plain jumper over shirt combo your Dad wears everywhere. But he always comes back to his much loved knitted numbers from his all time favourite department store. Because they always his size and he can rely on them.


For the Tea Lover Dad


dad biscuits for fathers day nila holden

Your Dad loves nothing more than a nice strong brew of the nation’s favourite drink and a nice biccie. He takes his tea strong, with a drop of milk. Always the hot water first, then the milk. And it has be in his favourite mug. Which, if truth be told, he doesn’t wash that often. Much to Mum’s irritation. She’s always sneaking into the dishwasher when Dad’s not looking. Well, how about these yummy iced biscuits – the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa. Your Dad will love them.


The Stepdad


nila holden best stepdad biscuits .png


Well this is awkward. He’s not your real Dad, but you want to get your Stepdad a little gift to say thank you for being there for you and your Mum. You don’t want to go all schmatlzy and over the top (after all he’s got his own kids who’ll do that), but you need something to show how much you appreciate him, for taking such good care of your Mum. And for cooking a mean roast. These are the perfect biscuits.


For the self sacrificing Dad


nila holden love you dad mini biscuits


Your Dad loves his family more than anything in the world and would do just about anything for you, your Mum and your siblings. He does all the taxi runs, he gives up his weekends to mow your lawn, put up your flatpack furniture or check the oil in your car. When you’re running low on funds, he always has a spare £20 to give you. You say you’ll give it back when it have, but he never really expects you will. This box set of 12 mini beautiful biscuits are the perfect treat for the man who knows little about indulgence and everything about duty to his family.

How to order biscuits for Father’s Day:

To place your order, head over to our Father’s Day biscuits gifts, you’ll need to register with an email address to get more info and prices. Once you’ve registered, login and simply click on the gift you’d like to order and checkout. We’ll make the biscuits up and post them out you to or we can send them direct to your Dad.

Last date for orders for delivery in time for Father’s Day is Wednesday 14th June 2017 so head over to our website today to place your order.

Happy Father’s Day!

Nila x










The time I made biscuits for a real life princess (and didn’t even know!).

princess mako of japan studies at university of edinburgh

Oh yes. I made biscuits for a real life princess – Princess Mako of Japan, and didn’t even know! If the name sounds familiar, it’ll be because Princess Mako of Japan has been in the headlines quite a bit lately. The Princess, grand daughter of Emperor Akihito and member of the Japanese royal household is engaged to be married to a commoner.

Japanese law states that if the princess choses to marry a commoner then she must leave the royal family behind and become a normal civilian. There is concern about the Japanese royal family’s bloodline as the Emperor has just 3 grandchildren, two of whom are princesses and will marry and leave the royal family – and just one grandson to continue the line.

Not many people know but Princess Mako spent time living in Scotland a few years back when she studied at the University of Edinburgh for a year. It was while she was studying there that we had the opportunity to make biscuits for her and her friends.

One of her friends was organising a leaving party for the Princess who was heading back to Japan after completing her studies. The friend contacted me and requested a custom order of our personalised floral biscuits.

nila holden vintage floral wedding cookies

These are probably the most detailed and complex biscuits I have in my personalised biscuits portfolio but if I do say so myself, they are pretty stunning and delicious tasting of course.

nila holden vintage floral biscuits for princess mako

Each biscuit has 3 separate layers of fondant icing – one layer of white fondant and the next layer a lovely pinky/peach colour fondant.

I then use a beautiful flower rubber stamp to decorate the fondant icing, which adds embossed detail. Rubber stamps are a great way to add detail fondant covered biscuits if, like me, you are not particularly good at free hand painting.

nila holden floral painted biscuits

Next, each flower is hand painted using edible paint or as in this design, edible dusts that I mix with a small amount of water to to get an edible paint.

painted cookies, edible paints, nila holden cookies

Lastly, each biscuit is personalised with a different name, again using rubber stamps, and then hand painted with a gold lustre dust. The finished effect is stunning – don’t you agree…?

nila holden biscuits for princess mako of japan

I originally designed the biscuits for my daughter’s birthday and the inspiration for the design was a beautiful vintage scarf that I found in a second hand shop in Whitstable. My daughter loved the scarf and so I used the pattern as the basis of the design for her cake and cookies that year.

I loved making the biscuits for Princess Mako’s party and working with all those beautiful and unusual Japanese names.

nila holden personalised biscuits

I’ve made these biscuits in lots of different colours for weddings & events over the years. Here they are in pastel green and purple.

Thankfully, I didn’t know that I was making biscuits for royalty when Princess Mako’s order was placed, otherwise I think I might have been a complete bag of nerves!

We’ve since gone on to make biscuits for the likes of Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and even our own Royalty the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, but this is still one of my favourite orders to date.

I wish Princess Mako all the very best and many happy, healthy days in her married life.

princess mako of japan nila holden biscuits

We have lots of decorative iced biscuits perfect for weddings, parties or birthdays. If you’re looking for an extra special finishing touch or a sweet treat to indulge your guests then biscuits are perfect! Visit the gift biscuit pages of our website for more info, prices and to place your order.

Nila x

Word on Water floating bookshop, London


I had a lovely afternoon out walking along the Regents canal around Kings Cross & Camden a few weekends ago. It was a balmy Spring day, a gentle breeze and the sun shining. London is never more beautiful then when she’s bathed in glorious sunshine.

We took the train into St Pancras and from there headed to Granary Square which is behind Kings Cross station.

Granary Square Kings cross water fountains

Granary Square

From there we took a right turn down to the canal and wondered along to Word on Water, a gorgeous little floating book shop housed on a narrowboat.

Word on Water London's only floating bookshop

Word on Water Bookshop


Word on water floating bookshop

Word on Water London’s only floating bookshop

Step on board, and you duck down into a gorgeous & cosy looking reading nook crammed full of all sorts of books, fiction/non fiction, adult books and a cute little children’s book corner.

word on water bookshop london

Mind your head as you step on board

beautiful floating bookshop in london

Gorgeous books crammed into every corner

There are a lots of cosy chairs and sofas that you just kind of sink into, great if you want to have a little sit and browse alongside the wood burner.

It was a bright sunny day when we visited and there was something quite ethereal and magical to be down the steps in such a snug little room, with families of ducks and geese swimming by, the sunlight dancing on the water and throwing sparkly beams back into the room.



Loved this floating bijou emporium of the printed word, a real book lovers dream! Can’t wait to go back soon.


Word on Water run a number of events through the year, with live music, readings from published authors and lots more. Check out the Word on Water facebook page for news on upcoming events.

On returning to the bakery I was inspired to design some literary themed book biscuits,  including of course some Jane Austin & Charlotte Bronte. And Of Mice & Men – as one of the kids has been studying this at school so we’ve been reading a couple of pages here and there. How great are these and wouldn’t they make a great edible gift for a book lover? Or perfect gifts or goodie bag treats for a book launch?


As it happens, we’re currently working on a book themed Christmas gift project for a large national book retailer which I’m really excited about. Watch this space for more info in the coming weeks….

Being someone who owns an artisan bakery specialising in iced biscuits, one of my absolute favourite past times is visiting quirky little tea rooms & coffee shops. I’m surrounded by sugar, baking & biscuits everyday at work so you’d think that the last thing I’d want to do at the weekends is step back into it, but I guess it’s a life’s work and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it! From time to time I blog about my experiences, if you liked this post, you might be interested to read these:

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Nila x

Etsy Wedding Pop up at West Elm, London

I was really excited to be asked to take part in the recent Etsy wedding Pop up at the flagship West Elm store on Tottenham Court Road. The  wedding pop up featured a number of exciting Etsy sellers showcasing their wedding themed wares to brides and grooms. 


We showcased our wedding favour cookies alongside our ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ gifts and other biscuit treats for the big day.


Pride of place in our display was our showstopper wedding cake – bedecked with all manner of wedding favour biscuits – it was a highlight of the event and got much love on social media!


As always at these events it was great to put names to faces and meet some fab bloggers and wedding industry friends. I was super chuffed to finally meet Charley from London Bride – warning – if you find yourself on Charley’s blog you’re sure to lose a few hours finding all sorts of wedding delights and London based gems. I also finally met my long time instagram friend Madeleine whose amazing francophile blog I just love.. !

We also delivered some wedding themed cookie decorating workshops at the event – the workshops sold out within a few minutes of being listed and proved to be great fun.


And I took part in Facebook live with Etsy Success talking all about how I started my business and launched an Etsy store.  You can see the full video here or click on the image below.


Here’s another pic of that amazing cake!


We had a great time – huge thanks to the Etsy team for inviting us and for all their support!

Nila x

Nila Holden Artisan Biscuit Bakery gains listing with Selfridges


So super chuffed and excited that my little artisan bakery has listed with “the best department store in the world” Selfridges…!

We met the bakery buyer last month at Speciality Fine Food Fair and after a few busy weeks of negotiations, paperwork and online audits, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been approved as a supplier.

A small range of our Halloween iced biscuits will launch in store at the Oxford Street, London store this week (10/10/16) including individual Halloween iced biscuits, Halloween biscuit pops, Halloween biscuit jars and our super popular Haunted Houses. Click here to see more biscuits from our wholesale Halloween biscuit range.



A larger range of biscuits from our Christmas iced biscuit Collection is set to follow and will be available in store later in November.


Building on the work we’ve been doing this year and following on from a successful show at Speciality Fine Food Fair, we’ve been busy adding to our list of stockists and have some other exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks so do keep an eye out on our facebook, twitter or instagram feeds for more news!

If you’re looking for seasonal or bespoke wholesale iced biscuits for your department store, farm shop, cafe or gift store then be sure to head over to our wholesale iced biscuit website where you can get further info on products, prices and sign up to become a stockist.

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Nila x




The Big Curry 2016 – Chilli Cookie Roulette


This Autumn we’re joining forces with ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the National Charity of the British Army to support their annual Big Curry campaign. By ordering a box of the Chilli Cookie Roulette you will be helping our soldiers, veterans and their families in times of need. Each box contains 6 cookies, but one of these will be laced with super (super) hot Carolina Reaper chilli powder – but which one? Sit down with a group of friends or colleagues, take a cookie and on the count of 3 take a bite.


From every box sold, we will donate £2 to The Soldiers’ Charity.

The Rules:

  1. Only the brave need apply – get together in groups of six
  2. Everyone puts in £1 in the pot* (or more if you are feeling extra generous)
  3. Everyone takes a cookie
  4. 1, 2, 3… bite! One of the cookies will knock your socks off!
  5. Take cover and remember to get a photo of the winner/loser


*To pay your money in, please send it to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, Mountbarrow House, 12 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9RB or call 020 7811 3202 to pay it in over the phone

OR why not use your phone and text DISH44 £1 to 70070 to make your donation (you can donate up to £10 by simply adding your chosen amount after DISH44)


To find out more about The Big Curry visit, follow them on Facebook at or Tweet them at @BigCurryTSC


You can buy your biscuits for the chilli cookie roulette from our online store.

Good Luck..!

Nila x


Biscuits for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

Nila Holden RoyalVisitLuton biscuits

It was such an honour for our little bakery to have the opportunity to make biscuits for our future King & Queen when they visited Luton last Wednesday.

During their visit to Luton, William & Kate visited Youthscape Charity, Keech Cottage and Hayward Tyler.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 22.11.06

We made some branded logo biscuits for Youthscape to serve at their coffee reception for the Royal couple and invited guests.


We also made some of our personalised biscuits for William, Kate and Prince George & Princess Charlotte which were presented to the Royal Couple during their visit to Youthscape.


nila holden royal biscuits1


nila holden royal biscuits2

We hope William & Kate enjoyed their visit to Luton and loved their personalised biscuits!

Nila x