Word on Water floating bookshop, London


I had a lovely afternoon out walking along the Regents canal around Kings Cross & Camden a few weekends ago. It was a balmy Spring day, a gentle breeze and the sun shining. London is never more beautiful then when she’s bathed in glorious sunshine.

We took the train into St Pancras and from there headed to Granary Square which is behind Kings Cross station.

Granary Square Kings cross water fountains

Granary Square

From there we took a right turn down to the canal and wondered along to Word on Water, a gorgeous little floating book shop housed on a narrowboat.

Word on Water London's only floating bookshop

Word on Water Bookshop


Word on water floating bookshop

Word on Water London’s only floating bookshop

Step on board, and you duck down into a gorgeous & cosy looking reading nook crammed full of all sorts of books, fiction/non fiction, adult books and a cute little children’s book corner.

word on water bookshop london

Mind your head as you step on board

beautiful floating bookshop in london

Gorgeous books crammed into every corner

There are a lots of cosy chairs and sofas that you just kind of sink into, great if you want to have a little sit and browse alongside the wood burner.

It was a bright sunny day when we visited and there was something quite ethereal and magical to be down the steps in such a snug little room, with families of ducks and geese swimming by, the sunlight dancing on the water and throwing sparkly beams back into the room.



Loved this floating bijou emporium of the printed word, a real book lovers dream! Can’t wait to go back soon.


Word on Water run a number of events through the year, with live music, readings from published authors and lots more. Check out the Word on Water facebook page for news on upcoming events.

On returning to the bakery I was inspired to design some literary themed book biscuits,  including of course some Jane Austin & Charlotte Bronte. And Of Mice & Men – as one of the kids has been studying this at school so we’ve been reading a couple of pages here and there. How great are these and wouldn’t they make a great edible gift for a book lover? Or perfect gifts or goodie bag treats for a book launch?


As it happens, we’re currently working on a book themed Christmas gift project for a large national book retailer which I’m really excited about. Watch this space for more info in the coming weeks….

Being someone who owns an artisan bakery specialising in iced biscuits, one of my absolute favourite past times is visiting quirky little tea rooms & coffee shops. I’m surrounded by sugar, baking & biscuits everyday at work so you’d think that the last thing I’d want to do at the weekends is step back into it, but I guess it’s a life’s work and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it! From time to time I blog about my experiences, if you liked this post, you might be interested to read these:

London Coffee Festival 

Nila x


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