Biscuits for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

Nila Holden RoyalVisitLuton biscuits

It was such an honour for our little bakery to have the opportunity to make biscuits for our future King & Queen when they visited Luton last Wednesday.

During their visit to Luton, William & Kate visited Youthscape Charity, Keech Cottage and Hayward Tyler.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 22.11.06

We made some branded logo biscuits for Youthscape to serve at their coffee reception for the Royal couple and invited guests.


We also made some of our personalised biscuits for William, Kate and Prince George & Princess Charlotte which were presented to the Royal Couple during their visit to Youthscape.


nila holden royal biscuits1


nila holden royal biscuits2

We hope William & Kate enjoyed their visit to Luton and loved their personalised biscuits!

Nila x



3 thoughts on “Biscuits for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

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