Biscuits to launch Harrod’s Summer 2016 Sale

At the Nila Holden Bakery, we have a lot of expertise in creating 3D biscuits, based on our experience of making our unique 3D biscuit birdhouses and christmas gingerbread houses so we were super excited when Harrod’s commissioned us to make some 3D biscuits to launch their Summer 2016 Sale.

Together we came up with the idea of making some 3D replicas of their iconic green bag all made entirely of biscuit and completely edible. This coincided nicely with the installation of a giant Harrods Bag outside the store, and tied in with  one of the campaign hashtags #mygreenbag

nila holden harrods sale biscuits2

nila holden harrods sale biscuits3

Each bag was made up of 5 individual biscuits, beautifully iced and carefully constructed as you can see in the video below:

We also decided to fill the bags with some mini fashion treats including dress, shoe and lipstick biscuits.

nila holden harrods sale biscuits4

And here’s the finished result!


Don’t they look amazing? We were so pleased with the finished biscuits, they certainly provided the wow factor the sale launch and proved a real hit on social media alongside the smaller Harrods Bag & fashion biscuits we made!

nila holden harrods sale biscuits10


Click here to read all about the smaller Harrod’s Bag and Fashion biscuits we made as part of the commission.

To see other branded / logo biscuit commissions we’ve worked on be sure to check out these posts:

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In the meantime if we can help with a bespoke commission or branded biscuits for your next charity campaign, corporate event, trade show or product launch do drop me a line via our corporate biscuit enquiry form.

Nila x


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