Decorating Cookies with Rubber Stamps – Tutorial


Cookies & cakes can be decorated with traditional craft stamps to great effect.  Firstly, craft stamps come a range of forms, fonts & designs, allowing you to create some stunning effects without needing to be particularly artistic or design oriented.

Craft stamps come in many forms: Mounted stamps, Cling/clear stamps & custom stamps.  You can get all sorts of images & patterns and also a fantastic range of alphabet or font stamps. I should know, I have cupboards full of them – collected from all over the world!

First rule of using craft stamps is to keep the stamps you use for craft making separate from those you use to decorate cookies.  And once you have used a stamp with crafting inks & dyes, do not use for cookie decorating.

Look after your stamps.  Clean them regularly after use, and store them in dry container out of direct sunlight. I often use a non fragranced baby wipe to clean stamps after use.

For this tutorial, you will need the following equipment/supplies:

Acrylic rolling pin
Embossing stitching tool
Offset spatula
Paint palette
Alphabet Craft/Rubber Stamps
Edible paint or lustre dusts with a couple of drops of alcohol to mix up into paint


1. Take your sugarpaste that you have prepared with grum tragaganth/tylo powder. Very lightly dust your surface with cornflour or alternatively with a very thin layer of solid vegetable fat (Trex).  Roll out your sugarpaste to a thickness of 2mm.  Take the very tiniest sprinkle of cornflour and lightly dust a small area of your rolled out sugar paste large enough to fit your stamp.  This will prevent the stamp from sticking to the sugarpaste.

2. Next take your stamp of choice and gently but firmly press into the sugarpaste, leaving an imprint.  You need to ensure that all areas of the stamp make contact with the sugarpaste otherwise you will get an incomplete image. Carefully lift the stamp off the surface of the sugarpaste to reveal indented pattern.


 3. You could use the stamped text as it is.  Alternatively you could highlight the text by painting it over it with edible paints.  At this stage you should lift the sugarpaste off the board to ensure that it hasn’t stuck fast by running a palette knife under it.  Nothing worse than spending a lot of time painting a stamped area only to find the sugarpaste has stuck and you have to start all over again! If the sugarpaste feels tacky then very lightly dust the board with cornflour or the tiniest of layers of vegetable fat.

 4. In an artists palette mix up a small amount of lustre dust with a few drops of alcohol, rejuvenator spirit or just plain cooled boiled water.

 IMG_25925. Once you are happy with the consistency and colour of the edible paint, then using a fine paintbrush carefully go over the outline left by the stamp with the edible paint.


6. If you make any mistakes just lightly go over the area with a damp paintbrush to remove the excess paint.  As you can see in the example below, there is small blemish above the letter ‘h’ – don’t worry overly if this occurs as you will be cutting this area away shortly.

7. Next using a palette knife cut away the excess sugarpaste, ensuring that the painted text remains in a rectangular area.  You could use a small rectangular shaped cutter if you’re unsure about doing this by hand.


8. Next, run the stitching tool along the edge of the rectangle to create a faux stitched effect.


9. Voila –  the finished sentiment. You can now attach this to your cookie using some edible glue.


Here are some of my signature pink Japanese blossom cookies that I decorated with ‘love’ sentiment for a recent order.


How will you use stamped names or sentiments on your cookies and cakes…?


Nila x


8 thoughts on “Decorating Cookies with Rubber Stamps – Tutorial

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  5. Mary

    Hi, I used to do a lot of card making but recently have got more into cake decorating. I have a lot of stamps that have been used with ink and wondered if these can be cleaned so you could use them with fondant? Thanks!

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